Thread to collect dApps to test


let’s use this thread to collect dApps where we can test wallet-connect. I currently only know of:

I am looking for more to implement/test the WallETH integration. Also it seems that the wallet-connect integration got removed from the recent versions of the balance-manager and when using the commit (ba7e6c4c782db5475747a666e73d548cbf6063b1) before the removal I am just getting this error:

Also I am wondering a bit - with https://walletconnect– - the initial QR-Code changes periodically and sessionId and sharedKey get regenerated - would love to know why. As far as I understand the protocol they should not change. This might even be a real problem if the user scans in a window around the change …


I’m having some problems too authorizing transactions from Balance Wallet app with WalletConnect, I’ll wait for official support for Balance Manager and in the meanwhile, I’ll exploit Balance Wallet to do tests on other dapps.


Do you know of other apps? And did you try balance-manager with this URL:


Many dapps/wallets have already announced that will support WalletConnect but I think that none is ready yet. I have created some very easy dapps to learn web3 in the past, I’ll try to make them compatible (thanks for making your Firebase Cloud Function project available, very appreciated).

Yes, I tried with the Balance link you reported but it doesn’t seem to work, I’ll try the next build of Manager.


do you test with Android or iOS?


Only with iOS, I’m not a android developer. I’m learning react native but still far away from a basic level


thanks for the info - but please do not go the react native way - it’s a dead end - e.g. read this - and there are much more reports on the same page - don’t waste your time …


:warning: warning: don’t test with - this is currently broken. Thanks to @corrado for confirming my debugging findings with an iOS device and the ‘official’ app and @pedrouid for the final confirmation …-)


We really need some more dApps to test on - let’s open issues for this at dApps we like:


push -did any dApp announce they want to add support? Would really like to have more than one app to test against - especially as I am not a big fan of the only dApp with WalletConnect support anyway.

Introduce Yourself

Hi! We’re looking into integrating WalletConnect in our dapp and it would be very helpful to see a full example (e.g. in a React app). The quick-start should be enough I guess, but to speed up the development it would be really helpful to see a full (but minimal) example. Is there a dapp you recommend using as a starting point?



Looking at implementing wallet connect on 8xProtocol. Currently waiting for the balance manager iOS to bring back the QR scanner.


@AndyTCF do you have an android phone?

btw good news - looks like we can test with localethereum soon:



we need more apps to test with - especially ones on the 1.0.0 standard:



Ligi, @localethereumMichael is the one working on it


here a new app to test with:

but still trying to figure out how this is intended to work - having troubles understanding it currently - but I no trader so I might miss some context


How about :slight_smile:


Testnet no longer supports walletconnect, please try the mainnet, link in my last reply


that’s sad - really do not want to test on the main-net - especially with the current gas-prices. Why was testnet support removed?