Renaming javascript Libraries


Following up the discussion from Github by @shahbhavir suggestion


WalletConnect react-native sdk is not dependent to react-native platform. The sdk’s indirect dependency is crypto (a node built-in module) via walletconnect-core and firebase in-app messaging. So, whenever any environment (be it PWA or mobile app) has access to these dependencies, the developer of these platforms (PWA or mobile app) can use this sdk.

The names could be changed to something like:
walletconnect-core (unchanged)
rn-walletconnect to walletconnect-listener (the app/web-app which will store credentials)
walletconnect to walletconnect-client (the web/app which will act as a client to communicate with listener sdk)


Technically it’s a 2-way communication so both the client/app/dapp and the wallet will listen, so I wouldn’t call it listener.

There will be a lot of renaming in the future, specially when we move into a multi-wallet integration but I would maybe just change rn-walletconnect to walletconnect-wallet and keep the client library as walletconnect because this will be the most widely used library.

There may be 5-10 wallets but there will be 1000s of dapps, so this needs to be intuite to install by running npm install --save walletconnect or yarn add walletconnect

What I would like to do instead is have multiple versions of walletconnect client library that include different levels of features:

full featured = import WalletConnect from 'walletconnect'
lite version = import WalletConnect from 'walletconnect/lite'
widget version = import WalletConnect from 'walletconnect/widget'
multi wallet = import WalletConnect from 'walletconnect/multi-wallet'
custom wallet = import WalletConnect from 'walletconnect/custom-wallet'

I would love to hear more input from this :raised_hands: