QR Code Data Format


Current implementation for sharing the session data with the QR code between the browser and the mobile wallet, uses simply a JSON object to share the session data:

  • Session ID
  • Shared Key
  • Bridge URL
  • Dapp Name

Ideally we would stick to the standards that are already available like the EIP831 which is used by EIP681 to construct transactions request using a URI format

This was suggested by Ligi and the main advantage to this is that it allows to more clearly determine the context of the request.

A wallet can scan a QR code and easily determine the intent of the request, which in this case would be to initiate the connection with a Bridge Server

I think this a good EIP to propose and ideally we could structure the whole WalletConnect standard through many EIPs which result in the whole architecture



Discussing this here now: https://ethereum-magicians.org/t/wallet-connect-eip/850
Think it makes more sense to discuss it over there to get some more eyeballs on it :wink:


I’ve created an EIP for this


Nice - some minor nit-picks on github - but let’s do it this way !-)


Great - this was just merged!