Push Server Metadata


Yes it would be stateful which is something that I was trying to avoid but it’s something that can be easily fixed

py-walletconnect-push will have a redis db

firebase-walletconnect-push can use firebase db


Really unsure about adding state there. This opens a big new box of pandora. It was already a ddos vector on the bridge before (e.g. creating a lot of sessions) - afterwards we have the same problem on the push server…


This was actually discussed early on at the first prototype, the idea was to introduce rate limiting to avoid ddos or spam notifications at the push server. This would be good timing to consider it as part of the v0.8.x

Also the bridge server session creation will be reduced by introducing long-polling/websockets


I use 0.7.xx …and i delete push data:

but i find walletconnect is working:


Hi @liu3550361, there were some significant changes on WalletConnect between v0.7.x and v1.0.0-beta.

Push notifications are optional on both versions but in v0.7.x they were used to notify the Wallet that there was new call request that need to be fetched from the Bridge server, in order to this, the Wallet neither to do one of the following:

  • fetch all pending call requests
  • fetch a single call request using the call id provided by the notification

However this was significantly improved in the v1.0.0-beta which was released yesterday on NPM. With the new v1.0.0-beta you will receive any call requests immediately without using push notifications.

I would advise you switch to v1.0.0-beta completely as the v0.7.x will be soon deprecated. You can follow the tutorial on the v1.0.0-beta branch on the walletconnect-monorepo (link bellow)

However I have to advise that Balance Manager is still in progress to update to v1.0.0-beta and you should use the following example dapp to test your Wallet


Let me know any other issues you encounter. I will be updating the documentation very soon to describe the new technical specification of the WalletConnect protocol in more detail.

Also feel free to create a walletconnect-monorepo issue if you find any issues with v1.0.0-beta.