Push server as firebase function


Maybe this is also interesting to others here: https://github.com/walleth/walletconnect-push-firebase

When using firebase fcm anyway you can also use firebase functions for the push server - and do not need to host/maintain your own push server.

Feedback welcome.

PS: would also be happy to transfer this repo to the wallet connect organisation - fits better there - just let me know if you want it.


Love this! I love how frictionless this is was for Wallet developers

Let’s transfer it to the WalletConnect Github and change the name to match the naming convection



Great! I renamed it to match the convention - but could not transfer - need to be member of the org for this as it seems.


I’ve sent you an invite to the WalletConnect organization


great - and I just transferred the repo


BTW, one can also create a bridge server also as firebase cloud functions. Each DApp can have their own firebase bridge or/and push server (in the free tier as both on firebase).


Yes - it is also possible to do this for the bridge servers. But I do not want to push firebase any further - in the end firebase is part of the problem we try to fight with the web3 movement. Just for FCM I think it makes sense for several reasons.


It also makes sense for Dapps to host bridges since they are the ones who provide the chosen bridge while Wallets will handle the push servers