NetworkId in the protocol


currently I do not see the networkID in the protocol - but I think we will need that as currently It leads to:

  • I seem to cannot switch the network from main to something cheaper / testing friendlier for the balance-manager I am testing in currently.
  • Now only main is assumed - when signing EIP-155 style I need the networkId - currently I can only guess main - but it feels really wrong.

discussion points:

  • IMHO the dApp should be able to signal which networks it is able to be used with and which ones it prefers
  • perhaps network switching should be build in the protocol

Found a way now with balance-manager to switch networks for wallet connect:
you just do not click ‘logout’ which seems to set the network back to 1.
You switch to the network of your linking with metamask - and then you click on balance manager and then wallet connect. This is now good for testing- but potentially dangerous for users ( cc @Ricburton )


push - IMHO this is the most important thing to do now. The current design makes signing transactions quite unusable - which only leaves us signing messages with WalletConnect.
IMHO the easiest thing is to make the network ID part of the session creation. The only downside I see is that it then does not allow to switch the network in a session. But I cannot see a lot of dApps using such a pattern - IMHO a dapp is always bound to a network. Perhaps this changes with sharding.


This is definitely the quickest solution to add right now, I will add this to the tech spec as soon as possible.

Additionally now the architecture heavy relies on Dapps pushing “events” (session and call requests) to the Wallet. In order, to solve this I’m going to move away of the HTTP + Short Polling architecture and simply use two different Long Polling events on for session creation and second for call requests. This would provide the same flexbility as WebSockets without loosing the network-censoring resistance. Later on we can add WebSockets and WebRTC upgrades but this is the quickest solution to improve the current tech spec