MEW Connect and the importance of standards


unfortunately not many (technical) details yet. This really shows how important standards will be - otherwise we will end up with a log of similar but incompatible things …

Digging a bit deeper I am wondering:


states no central servers (which sounds awesome) - but:


indicates there is a server (unfortunately the link 404s for me - repo still seems to be private.


Everyone is forgetting that this same functionality already exists with the Parity Signer - would be good to get them on board as well.

I’m betting it’s nearly the exact same thing.


I do not think it is the same thing. Parity signer focuses on the offline use case - so QR-Codes in both directions. This improves security but is worse for UX (especially as the second QR-Code is really nasty to scan). That said I also think this should be standardized - e.g starting with - but in the end the whole flow needs to become a ERC


Let’s make WalletConnect better than competitors, we really need a standard open to everyone