Introduce Yourself


Hi - I am ligi - I am currently the main developer and maintainer of WallETH. After talking through WalletConnect with @pedrouid I am excited about the potential and joined this forum.


Hey, I’m Philipp from imToken Ethereum Wallet. We are excited to integrate WalletConnect :blush:


Hi! I’m Mikhail, main developer behind and Quid Wallet. I’d be happy to contribute to improving UX in Ethereum space.


Hi, I’m Corrado. I’m an iOS developer and a crypto enthusiast tired of using Metamask. I’m very excited about WalletConnect, it’s an opportunity of reaching the masses.


Hey guys, I’m Mark. I’m leading application development at Tenzorum. After talking with @pedrouid about WalletConnect it’s clear to see this project is in great hands and we will continue to support and help the growth of WalletConnect and better UX in the blockchain space.


Hey guys, I’m Jaynti Kanani. I am founder & CEO at Matic Network. I had a chance to do some code with @jin, @pedrouid & @Ricburton very early and created our first WalletConnect PoC integration for Matic Network’s Wallet - and did some integration on some more DApps (using bookmarks + injecting web3 with WalletConnect provider) -

Would happy to contribute more towards frictionless developer integration and better standards on WalletConnect.


Greetings, all - Pete from here. We are creating a new mobile ethereum wallet and have implemented a similar, but different protocol for remote d’app integration. I’m looking forward to joining the discussion on this standard!


that URL does not seem to be correct:


LOL - yeah, we haven’t put a website up, didn’t mean for that to be a link, but of course the clever forum software converted it automatically. :slight_smile:


Hi guys! I’m Artyom, building Eth2 with @Dobrokhvalov. Improving Web3 UX. DApps should feel like apps. Excited about WalletConnect, happy to help here


BTW - website is up now, not much there, but you can sign up for early access beta!


Hi, I’m Alex. Previously help create the encryption format used by ethereum clients for key storage and worked on transport encryption in the ethereum cpp client.


Hello! My name is Alex, I am a dapp developer.


@herrmit if you have some app to test with - would be great to put it here: Thread to collect dApps to test
Need more apps to test with :wink:


Hey everyone, I’m Michael, co-founder of localethereum — a non-custodial peer-to-peer marketplace. I’m ecstatic that something like WalletConnect finally exists, and I look forward to contributing!


Hi,chengcai here from Huobi Wallet, a multi-currency on-chain wallet . really excited to see wallet connect and it will be very helpful for wallet adoption.


Hi guys, I’m @avive co-founder of - I’m very interested in this project and looking for ways to contribute. I have a lot of experience with scalable consumer-grade web and mobile apps (see: ) - would love to contribute in any way possible to this project. I’m currently working on the UX for the first version of Spacemesh wallet here: . You might also find this seed useful for building cross platform wallets: .


Hey guys, This is Bowen from DDEX, the first 0x relayer with . We are implementing Wallet connect for our mobile app and desktop trading page. The beta testing will start by the end of November.


Hi @bowenddex, welcome! Looking forward to see DDEX integration with WalletConnect :raised_hands:


:raised_hands::raised_hands: It will be out for public beta testing in two weeeks. Code freeze. Waiting for App store approval. Would love to hear your feedback.