Browser plugin to bootstrap


I think a browser plugin for wallet connect could really help adoption. It could help to break from the race condition where [dApp developers don’t want to invest the time to integrate wallet connect because it is not yet relevant enough] and [it not being relevant enough because dApps did not yet integrate it]

The browser plugin could work like metamask - just when I have to confirm a transaction no window on my desktop pops up, but I get a notification on my phone that allows me to sign & confirm.

This plugin could use themetatmask provider engine and the cherry on the top would be that I can use this plugin to log into sites.

Thinking about this a bit more: perhaps instead of constructing a new protocol here - we should just speak RPC over [bridge+push|PSS|whisper|…] and support methods like getAccounts, signTransaction, …


Building a browser extension no matter how technically frictionless it sounds right now, defies the whole point of the WalletConnect. We want to reduce the friction for the Users by not requiring them to install anything other than their wallet.
There is of course some network effects that need to come into play for Dapp developers to adopt WalletConnect but I’m doing my best to push this forward. Also by making all of these libraries very developer friendly we are making it easier for Dapp adoption as well.


If you can pull it off without this bootstrapping trick that would be of course nice - I just think it will be hard to get the ball really rolling without. Also it could help to test and cover dapp’s in the meantime. Would really test against some more dApp’s - but currently the only (working) one I know of is balance-manager and this one is only doing transactions - but no complex contract interactions.


I agree with @ligi on this. The plugin could enable more usage for the Wallet Connect in the short term. There can be dapps that don’t have resources to integrate WalletConnect right now.
Metamask has more than 1 million users. I think in the near future dapp developers will still be focusing on Metamask support in the first place. Being able to interact with any dapp using WalletConnect would be great.

On the other hand, the plugin may demotivate developers to integrate the WalletConnect to their dapps at all. That said, I think it’s still good to empower end users with an option to use mobile wallets with dapps. Even if it requires to install additional plugin.


Checkout and

This will reduce developers’ work and anyone can integrate it in 2 min by adding one button “Connect with WalletConnect” and changing web3 provider.


Following code replaces window.web3 to use walletconnect instead of metamask -

// include web3-provider
var WCProvider = window["web3-provider"];
var provider = new WCProvider({host: '', dappName: 'Balance', /* other params like bridge URL*/});
window.web3 = new Web3(provider);

Of-course web3-provider needs some work. But I’ve tested it many sites like CryptoKitties, Decentraland marketplace, Matic Network’s wallet and it works! @pedrouid thoughts?


Sure - but I think the problem is less of technical nature …-)


There can be DApps that don’t have resources to integrate WalletConnect right now.

I was answering mostly this on DApp developer efforts.

but I think the problem is less of technical nature

Yeah totally agree on adoption with the plugin (that’s why had bookmark to test things in first place) but I am worried that will push into the same direction as we are right now with Metamask :slight_smile:

Of course, I am open on creating plugin if that helps but remember now you need two things - plugin and mobile to use DApps. Metamask will be again winner here!